Who I am

Eli Melamed

I'm in my early 40's, work with computers since the 80's where they came a long way since. I had the chance and privilege to learn and work in many fields of IT to name a few: Data Centers, Networks, Cloud, Software Development and Electronics. I am autodidact and self-educated person who learn on a daily basis as technology progress all the time. I love and enjoy everything related to technology.
Music is a big part of my life, i love and enjoy music all the time.

My experience

More then two decades of hands-on experience, working with local and global customers with proven results in wide areas and management skills.
Design, implement and support - Data Centers, Virtualization, Networks, Security, Applications and many more.
Design, build and operate of private Cloud solutions based on vSphere and OpenStack.
Utilize public cloud services for hybrid or public only application solutions with Amazon, Google, Azure and others to deliver large scale applications.
DevOps services with Dockers, no SQL, object storage and others from the open source community.
Software development services, Architect, Design and Implementation of applications.
Electronics - Design and Implementation of IoT and custom solution based on microcontrollers.

What I do

I own a private IT firm name EMGroup, the group includes:
EMIT: Expert IT Services for the Enterprise.
EMCloud: Fully managed cloud services for the SMB.
EMSoft: In-house and project based Software design and development.

I work with Startup companies where my wide range of expertise come handy to assist the company from idea to prototype to product.


If you would like to hire me as a consultant / advisor / team member / freelance to work with you on your startup or project please use the contact section at the end of this page.

i provide hands-on experience with proven track records in many areas with the unique value of integrating many distinct technologies together as a solution.
Design build and maintain complex enterprise solutions by leveraging available resources such as private and public clouds.
Security models for the perimeter, application and infrastructure.
Software development architecture design and implementation.
Electronics design, implementation and manufacturing.

For traditional IT, Cloud Computing and Software development services please use EMGroup links bellow.

EM Group

EM Group includes 3 Subsidiary where each focus on specific services, for more details please visit the individual web sites to learn more.


Software Development

  • Design & Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Microcontrollers
  • Electronic Board Design


Managed Cloud

  • Tailor made solution
  • 24/7 Active Monitoring
  • Deployed via multi datacenters
  • Full DR and Daily backup


Information Technology

  • Design & Implementation
  • Data Centers & Virtualization
  • Advanced Networking
  • Trouble Shooting



Please feel free to contact me for more details.

Contact details

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Skype: eli.melamed

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